I-Grebot 2015 - Assembling the rolling base

This year we decided to boost a little mechanical achievements that can not cut as usual by saying, "Well, and if we started coding avoidance? And the strategy? ". Follow the precious advice from Gargamel (RCVA team), we try to set a target of having a robot mechanically completed in January for 3-4 months dedicated to tests.

The mechanical design of the robot was completed in about two weeks, and we began assembling the rolling base including the following details.

Just like last year, we aligned the encoders and the drive wheels with a rectified rod from 8mm which crosses the 4 elements from side to side:

We all flange with clamps:

The base mounted:

Encoders support, we take the same as last year, we do not change a losing team:

Tensioning pulley for the belts (we will double bearings shortly) :

The supports to cast balls:


And the Jacky's style electric card support, it just removes that hexagons to reveal the honeycomb:

A video of the first test without the motor control adjustments has been added to the association video page
Tuesday the 18th.
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