Persycup 2015 - 1ère place pour IGrebot

La semaine dernière IGrebot participait à la Persycup, une compétition Grenobloise autour des deux compétition Eurobot et Lego League. Dans la ligue "Do it Yourself" (Eurobot) il y avait 6 équipes (CRAP, Robotronique[Phelma], C-velec[Ense3], Robotcube[Ense3],Clubelek[Insa Lyon] et IGrebot).

Tous nos maths sont disponible sur la page vidép: Persycup 2015.
Nous avons pu finalement montrer ce que notre robot était capable de faire et nous nous sommes hissé à la première place devant nos amis du CRAP et Robotronik.

I-Grebot 2015 - The first points

Last Thursday we had the pleasure to be greeted by Robotronik in their local Grenoble Polygone. It was an opportunity for I-Grebot to test the latest lines of code on the strategy to recover spots:


Still some adjustments for elevators to counteract gravity: =) and it should be not bad!

Trophies of robotics

This Saturday we participated to trophies of robotics at Vaulx-en-Velin, robot competition for youth from 7 to 18 years with some of the rules common to the Coupe de France in which we participate.

It was an opportunity for members of I-Grebot to present their robots to the public and participants; as well as doing some demonstrations of actions that will be undertaken this year. We talked a lot with young roboticists in the region as well as their supervisors, also in order to promote robotics and hoping to encourage vocations to participate in the Coupe de France thereafter.

We also enjoyed being able to discover the details of the robots of each team, some of which have nothing to envy to those of their elders participating in the Coupe de France, with very beautiful mechanics achievements. We saw particularly autonomous robots capable side up the steps and place the red carpet systematically at this stage of the year not many teams can say that!

Congratulations to all these young and good luck to those who will represent our region in the national finals and why not European!




I-Grebot 2015 - Unit Tests

Nearly a month ago at I-Grebot, we finished up the Big Robot 97% - Seb and Camille our mechanics can rest (well rather focus on mecha Little robot).

 Plus de photos sur I-Grebot ici

C'est au tour de Paul notre softeux de service de montrer ses dernières avancées au travers de cette vidéo:


 Plus de vidéos sur I-Grebot ici

Tuesday the 18th.
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